Monday, February 19, 2018

Status of various economic items

Equity studies-- In the fall, NFA successfully worked to get the acting Chancellor's memo barring internally funded equity adjustments lifted, by contacting legislators whose bill was misinterpreted by the memo. Administration has indicated it will likely begin disbursing pay equity raises by the end of this semester. NFA proposes equity studies be done with a guaranteed minimum amount of funding and by comparing faculty members' salaries to the salary schedule taking into account years of experience. Compression at the top end is a problem. Approximately 80% of faculty fall below their salary schedule range medians. Equity study was not performed in 2015 even though it was mandated by NSHE Code.

Administration has not agreed to guarantee any amount of money be put into these studies nor that the salary schedule be taken into account.

Summer pay-- NFA proposed raising pro-rata pay rate from .01875 to .025 multiplier for summer teaching. The current rate represents a steep discount on true pro-rata pay, the excess money generated in summer being used to pay for other aspects of the College.

Administration responded by offering to increase to .02. Administration states that this is a 7% raise that equates to $200,000 a year in total dollar amount plus benefits. NFA countered by proposing a phased-in increase to .0225 over three years. Administration refused and came back again with essentially their original counter.

Overload pay-- NFA proposes raising the overload pay from $825 an IU to $1017 an IU. $1017 is the target rate set for community colleges by NSHE in 2014. Various other NSHE institutions pay more.

Administration has not countered on Overload Pay.

Contact hours-- NFA proposes the contact hours multiplier by raised to 1.0 for Lab/Clinic/Studio teaching, phased-in over three years. At Truckee Meadows Community College in northern Nevada, rates are based on a 1.0 equivalency. At CSN, many faculty have indicated that their lab teaching hours are as much work if not more than their lecture hours.

Administration has not countered on Contact Hours.

Benefits-- NFA proposes the creation of a Sick Leave Bank, as NSHE classifieds have as well as various CSN strategic comparator institutions. NFA proposes that accumulated sick days be payable upon severance of employment according to a formula, as with NSHE classifieds and is common at community colleges. NFA proposes three weeks paid parental leave as part of FMLA before usage of sick days, paid parental leave being known at other community colleges and being a rising trend nation-wide.

Administration has not countered on any of these Benefits items.