Monday, February 19, 2018

Bargaining update #15

The NFA-CSN and CSN Administration teams have met for three bargaining sessions so far this semester, one on each campus. Various items were discussed, however no tentative agreements were reached. For a list of NFA proposals and their statuses, click here. For a run-down of the status of various compensation items, click here.

Summer: Administration's first counter on Summer, before the break, took much of NFA's language on assignment, and offered an increase of the pro-rate multiplier from .01875 to .02. If summer classes were truly paid pro-rate the multiplier would be .02875 per NFA's calculation; we had asked for .025 in our first proposal.

NFA responded to Administration's Summer counter by proposing that further increases over .02 be phased-in in subsequent summers over the course of the contract, ending at a .0225 multiplier in the final summer. We viewed both the movement of our overall final goal as well as changing to a phase-in structure as very reasonable movement toward a compromise on our part.

However, Administration countered back with essentially their original counter. They stated that increasing from .01875 to .02 equates to an additional $200,000 a year plus benefits, and that is the maximum increase summer budget resources permit. Undoubtedly, this will be the subject of future discussion.

Grievance, Discipline, and Arbitration: NFA proposed a package deal to in an attempt to reach a compromise on these issues. From the 2nd bargaining session over a year ago on, NFA has indicated the importance to us of Arbitration-- that a neutral third party be the ultimate adjudicator of disputes regarding whether the CBA has been followed. Our package deal proposal shows our good faith in attempting to resolve this issue. So far, Administration has not formally responded but has provided some feedback.